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Why Beyond 227?

We are continuing Fr. Stu’s mission of religious and charitable endeavors.

When Fr. Stu was moved to room 227 at Big Sky Care Center in Helena, he began what we believe was his most significant ministry. All that he accomplished in the ensuing years sprung from his small, understated room in a nursing home where he really would have preferred not to be. The lives he touched from such a humble place may never be fully realized.

As his once powerful body degenerated, his resolve strengthened. He constantly challenged others to live a life more fully in search of Truth. He would not accept excuses for a lazy spiritual life or a complacent physical life, pushing a person harder than any personal trainer or life coach ever could. He encouraged those who visited him to fully engage in their vocation, whatever it may be. He had a sense of urgency; this life is not forever, and he encouraged everyone to not waste the time we are granted. He was not afraid to push himself and others into uncomfortable situations for the sake of our journey to Heaven—a journey that must continue, no matter what.

So here we are – attempting to move Fr. Stu’s mission BEYOND 227

Join us for Cribbage Night!

February 17th 2024 6:15 pm Brondel Center of St. Helena Cathedral

Experience a firsthand account of Fr. Stu’s journey and impact on those around him, as told by his priestly brother and friend, Fr. Bart Tolleson.
Our Mission

An organization continuing Fr. Stu’s mission of religious and charitable endeavors.

Beyond 227 Happenings

To Browning

Cribbage Night

Event date: February 17th  2024

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